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About Us

Welcome! Duncan Kent & Associates Ltd. is a technical documentation company based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past two decades, we’ve delivered more than 300 manuals, technical publications, and training documents—print and online—to organizations in most sectors of business, government, and industry.

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Our workshops

Our Workshops

We can train your staff to write more effective business and technical documents.

  • Sharpening Your Writing Skills
  • Writing and Maintaining Task-Based Procedures

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Effective documentation

Fit for Audience and Purpose

We develop technical and business documents that are targeted to your people—employees, clients, customers, the public—when, where, and how they need it.

Simple or Comprehensive

Sometimes all you need is a simple flow diagram, checklist, or laminated job aid that can be posted or pulled out when needed.

In other cases, more comprehensive documentation and records are required to provide confidence and evidence that operations are being carried out in a standardized way, in compliance with all requirements and best practices.

Our clients list and portfolio showcase the range of document types and systems we’ve worked on, including manuals, training materials, forms, diagrams, proposals, and plans.

Professional Formatting and Editing 

Some documents, such as technical proposals and submissions to regulatory agencies, need to be hundreds or thousands of pages long, with complex figures, tables, and cross-references. They’re developed by a team of collaborators who are constantly adding and changing content.

Automated formatting features can make updates easier, while a skilled editor can bring consistency to different writing styles and correct errors of grammar and punctuation.

Clear, Concise, Consistent 

Often the most difficult kind of writing is getting right to the point—covering what’s most important to the reader in as few words as possible.

This is our specialty: we summarize, condense, and streamline information to save people time and frustration.

Easy to Find and Understand

Effective documentation supports the way people work. It is organized, so they know exactly where to look and how to find what they need. It flows logically and allows them to scan and understand it quickly. And it integrates seamlessly with business processes and individual tasks, so they can get on with their work with minimal interruption.

Visual, Interactive Training Materials

If you’re regularly providing orientation or refresher training on important information, computer-based training modules may be appropriate. They deliver information in a visual, interactive way that’s interesting and easy for learners to understand.

Instead of reading screen after screen of text, learners have to understand and interact with the content, which may include photos, graphics, video, exercises, and review questions, and they receive feedback on their responses.