Workshop objectives:

This workshop teaches you how to document your organization’s financial work processes and prepare detailed task-based procedures.

A current and comprehensive set of essential operating procedures helps ensure that your organization’s processes meet required standards, that the organization can survive unexpected employee turnover, and that your financial controls meet corporate governance and disclosure obligations for publicly-traded companies.

This workshop focuses on documenting an organization’s financial processes, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset management, treasury, financial reporting, cash management, accruals, journal entries, and payroll processes.

Topics include:

  • Outlining and prototyping
  • Conducting procedure walk-throughs with staff
  • Capturing screen shots and other essential information
  • Writing and formatting drafts
  • Reviewing and approving drafts
  • Maintaining and revising your procedures

What you’ll take away:

As part of the workshop, you’ll take away a print copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a print course handout. You’ll also be able to download free Microsoft templates that you can use to create procedures and track your progress.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Identifying the benefits of documenting financial processes
  • Establishing purpose and audience
  • Determining documentation needs
  • Establishing documentation criteria and prioritizing
  • Preparing an outline and progress report
  • Preparing prototypes
  • Deciding who should draft your procedures
  • Establishing style sheet
  • Estimating the time and resources required
  • Conducting walk throughs with subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Developing consensus
  • Capturing screen shots
  • Drafting pros and cons
  • Writing in plain English using simple words and short sentences
  • Adding related policy
  • Cropping screen shots
  • Deleting personal information
  • Linking to reports and forms
  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • Proofreading drafts
Review and Approvals
  • Reviewing drafts with SMEs
  • Reviewing final drafts with stakeholders
  • Testing procedures
  • Getting final approval
Distribution and Maintenance
  • Considering your options for providing access to procedures
  • Restricting access to source files (staff view PDF files only)
  • Centrally managing all project files
  • Delegating responsibility to procedure ‘owners’
  • Establishing a change control process
  • Creating a revision register